Increase Patient Volume
with a Specialized
Healthcare Performance
Marketing Agency

Helping the world’s largest healthcare
organizations grow with patient centered
digital paid media & SEO strategies.

Increase Patient Volume
with a Specialized
Healthcare Performance
Marketing Agency

Helping the world’s largest healthcare
organizations grow with patient centered
digital paid media & SEO strategies.


We narrate short stories that connect health care trademarks, doctors, cases and care givers. We tell these stories using media formats ranging from video tape product, animations and info graphics.

Brand Communication

We breathe life into your product story by uplifting your brand persona digitally. We create an un-mistakable digital identity for your brand through across various awareness channels.

The Lead
Generation Process

We take an integrated approach for getting more quali ed leads into the funnel that goes beyond vanity metrics. As digital tools, we utilize social media, engine marketing, media assets purchasing and mobile marketing among others.

Leads Must Be

In order to achieve ROI positive marketing, the patient journey must be neatly crafted by way of carefully constructed communication touch points. You can amplify your CLV through call-center scripting and training along with what's App marketing.

Clients We Ignite Growth In

Best Digital Marketing Company

We adapt our delivery to the way your work,
whether as an external provider

Specialized health care marketing require
a unique Approach Digitally, it is
even more crucial

It is your biggest game changer when it comes to marketing your health care brand online is converging transparency and trust to your consumer’s. Patient education & knowledge at its core is what will separate you from others.

We understand this space addition to that we also realize the communication limitations it comes with owing to the delicate character of your business. Our center of attraction is simple – we work with you to recognize the discontinuities in your deals channel and we deposit them.


Engaging Patients
While Reducing Costs

The face of healthcare has changed forever. Today’s healthcare system is a consumer-based entity, and healthcare providers must shift their mindsets to that of retailers and embrace a healthcare digital marketing strategy.

Cardinal Digital Marketing is experienced in healthcare marketing. We can help you make that mental shift. We work with you to develop a patient-centered strategy for your practice. The result is greater patient engagement, higher customer satisfaction, better patient care, and lower overall costs related to marketing.

Increase Patient Volume

Harness the power of the World Wide Web and digital marketing to create vibrant, engaging patient communities. Doing this will not only increase search traffic for your practice, but also result in higher conversion rates, and greater engagement with practice websites and social media efforts.

We can help you create patient-focused web communities and showcase vital health tips as well as personal stories of your patients and members of stars on your web properties

Consistency Throughout
Your Organization

Whether your practice is large or small, consistency is the real secret for success in today’s competitive healthcare marketplace. Through our healthcare digital marketing, Cardinal helps your practice set a consistent tone and deliver a focused message in all areas of your practice.

This transcends to all of your web properties so that patients feel a sense of continuity even when dealing with other specialties or practice areas.

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These are just a Few of the Ways We Can Help
Your Healthcare Organisation Grow


Strategies for
Attracting Patients


Better Patient Engagement




Positive Reputation Management




Your Practice
as a Community
Health Leader

"We were a bit nervous to invest so much in a digital marketing agency but
our practice very quickly started generating a return on investment. We
couldn't be more thrilled"

Dr. Madhusudan Rao
Smileon Dental Care

How Do You Choose a Healthcare Marketing Agency?

So you’ve decided to partner with a healthcare digital marketing agency but not sure where to start. Choosing a digital marketing agency is never easy so here are several key areas to help you make the right choice.

Thorough knowledge of the
Healthcare Industry

Not all marketing industries are created equal, and marketing the healthcare industry is a unique challenge. Partner with an agency that has a high-level knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry. Although healthcare spending is increasing, it’s a very saturated market and consumers are conservative.

An experienced digital marketing agency will have a firm grasp of the issues facing healthcare providers – and consequently, develop a plan to overcome them. Look for signs like the ability to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of local key players, your competitors, and marketing tools that might aect your business.

Understands the Importance
of Patient Experience

Consumers are always at the center of the patient-customer interaction in just about every healthcare worklow. A healthcare provider must be able to keep up with the needs of the patients which means establishing trust with customers by providing a unised brand experience.

An agency that understands the patient experience will help you take control of your online presence. They’ll know how to project your practice or facility to consumers. Plus, they’ll ensure that there’s no disconnect between real-life patience experience and your online presence. As a result, you can get new patients via numerous channels while keeping current ones engaged.

Helps You Build
Trust and Credibility

Trust is at the premium for medical professionals and healthcare providers. The right medical marketing agency will have a plan to build your online reputation. For starters, they can develop a content strategy that will establish your company as the authority in specific health- related topics. With a blog, you’re projecting a medical expert brand by helping potential patients with their health-related questions.

Also, the agency should have a reputation and review management plan in place. This is especially needed when you’re dealing with numerous negative reviews, a malpractice lawsuit, or receiving negative press coverage. The right agency can help repair or even improve your healthcare company’s digital reputation.

Deliver a Return on
Your Investment

Marketing is an investment and it’s in your organization’s best interest to get the results that you paid for. Simply put, a healthcare marketing agency must be able to deliver results. Although some aspects of digital marketing can take a long time before you see the results (SEO, content marketing), you should feel con@dent that your marketing campaign is delivering tangible improvements to your brand.

Ask the medical marketing agency to explain how they will assist in achieving your goals and objective. A good agency knows not to make lofty promises and cookie-cutter strategies. Also, check if the agency has a system to monitor results and to actively report the ROI.

Over a few months, you should see some signicant improvements to critical marketing KPIs like the number of leads, lead quality, traic, and the number of calls or appointments. You are investing in a healthcare marketing agency because you want results. Don’t move forward if they’re unable to provide measurable and meaningful goals and their plan to help achieve your marketing objectives.


Healthcare marketing is a process of strategic outreach and communications designed to attract healthcare consumers, guide them through their healthcare journey, and keep them engaged with the health system. & marketing allows you to increase your patient connections and nurture those relationships to form long-term, loyal patients. Successful healthcare marketing leads to successful patient engagement, and successful patient engagement leads to a booming practice.

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